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We are having a very nice morning. #tea #dog #sweats #themostamazingsweats #theyhavepockets #itsthelittlethings


Created by Croatian-Austrian collective Numen/For UseString Prototype is a design for an inflatable volume containing a network of cables that can be explored similar to a jungle gym. 

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Picked up a #headlamp from #rei today, I’m so stoked to better enjoy my night hikes! 🔦#nowihavetwohikikghands #blackdiamond #hike

Sutherland dam at sunset

Such an amazing day

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Stroll Along the Lake

Lake Louise, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

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Instead of chopping off all my hair again I decided to cover up my blue walls, the color was becoming obnoxious and I needed a change! (I think this color really compliments Belle) 😀