Made conversation with a pretty cool surfer yesterday, asked if I needed a model! Couldn’t say no.

After a few months of wanting to come here I finally got to fall in love in person! 7-14-14

I did something bad today. #ispoilmyself

Night time harbor adventure @batmanpizza

Old town Temecula hangs @batmanpizza #gayforpay

This belonged to my grandma, when I was 5 she started to trust me with using it at all of our zoo trips, she taught me how to load and wind film shortly after, this camera has made me who I am today as a photographer as well as my grandma.

I have such a crush on the Pacific Ocean.


a detailed list of things i hate

  • hot weather
  • high temperatures
  • heat
  • warmer than average conditions
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Still one of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far #lafondphotography

Crystal & Robert engagement 2014 #lafondphotography #engagement #blackandwhite

Such a beautiful soul, horrible surfer though 😂jk @thetinybeast